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We are a Business for good.

We believe in giving back so part of our profits go directly into grassroots football.

What is a Business for good?

A business for good is the term given to companies who commit part of their profits to a good cause.

Those good causes are entirely at the discretion of the company and can range from water aid to a village in Africa, to more local causes such as foodbanks.

We Feel that its important to give back to our community and take part in this business for good initiative.

Read below to find out how we do this.

Grassroots Football

With our Basic support plans we are putting £2 per user per month into grassroots football as a long term commitment.

That means that for 1 company with 10 members of staff we are putting £20 /month into grassroots football to pay for a players training.

Putting Money into grassroots football allows us to invest in the youth of today.

Grassroots Team Sponsorship

Not only do we commit part of our profits to grassroots football, We also sponsor Grassroots football teams with our partnership with Mini Huyton Soccer, and Prescot Cables we pay for new kits for the teams who need it.

A new kit gives a team and identity. That identity helps them feel like they belong together and helps them to bond and unite. we therefore commit to sponsor a team every season, and if we can do more, then we will.

Why is Grassroots football so important?

We took a short interview with our Managing Director Andy O’Hare to discuss what Grassroots football really means to the players and to the community.


Take some time out to watch a Grassroots football match and you will see just what it means to each kid on that pitch; they absolutely love it.

Look past the game and see just what goes into it.

  • You see people giving up their spare time to coach and manage the teams.
  • You see the parents up at the crack of dawn getting their kids ready and helping get the goals set up or the pitches marked out.
  • You see the League officials giving up their time to keep everything running smoothly.
  • You see the Referees who despite the abuse they get from the side-lines, turn up week in week out to help these kids get a game of footy.

Grassroots football really is a community event bringing together so many people which I believe is so vital in today’s society.

Think about gang culture and how those gangs form.  Kids will find a commonality between each other and they hang out together.  The problem is they hang around street corners or outside shops with not much more to do.  They start to get themselves into trouble.

Grassroots football can replace those gangs. Getting kids together from an early age as part of a team, getting to understand what it means to be part of a team, looking out for each other and becoming best friends. These same kids start playing games like Fortnite together and are always talking to each other, but instead of hanging around street corners, they are hanging around the footy pitches or playing online games together. We are able to keep them on the straight and narrow with the right type of guidance here.

When talking to some parents, we hear things such as “In our day, if you weren’t in the school team, you weren’t in a team and would just play in the park”.  We also hear about how some of those parents went through rough times hanging around with the wrong crowds and are determined to give their kids the best starts in life.

Alternatively we hear from the grandparents about how they had all community centres and would always help out there.  They would look out for each other until those gangs started to ruin it by vandalising those centres and some of them were even burnt down.

As parents now we pay for many clubs for our kids to keep them as active as possible, but we also have to accept that not everyone has the money to do this. Ironically, its often those parents who need those facilities for their kids to play football and be kept off the streets.

With our Basic support plans we are putting £2 per user per month into grassroots football as a long term commitment.

That means for one company with ten members of staff we are putting £20 per month into grassroots football to pay for a player’s training.

Putting money into grassroots football allows us to invest in the youth of today.

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