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IT Support Services Liverpool

IT Support Services Liverpool, IT Support Liverpool

 With the world of IT being so complex, give us a call and let us take the pain away.


Some of our key areas

Discover our managed services, consulting and IT support services in Liverpool. If you’re looking for the best IT services Liverpool has to offer, Apoc IT has all your technology needs covered.. Our customized solutions have been developed with your needs in mind and include Virus and Ransomware Removal & Protection, Data Center Hosting, Cloud Based Services, Managed IT Services and Managed Network Services.

Fully Managed IT Support Services Liverpool

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Our Fully Managed IT Support services will increase your Profitability by applying our expert knowledge gained through years of experience and enabling you to focus on what your good at.

Virus and Ransomware Removal & Protection Liverpool

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We have all heard about big organisations and companies being hit by ransomware. It can cripple a business in minutes and some may never recover. At APOC IT Solutions we will protect your business using the latest software, training your staff on how to handle the latest threats.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan Liverpool

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It takes us Years of hard work to gather the data we have. how would your business cope if suddenly all of that data was encrypted by ransomware or lost because of a server failure?

Having a solid backup solution in place is vital. not just a solution that backs up your data but regularly checks your data is recoverable.

Network Design Liverpool

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When planning out your network, you need to talk to the professionals. We will drill down to figure out the companies long term goals and strategy and make sure that the network is designed to be able to increase capacity as needed, whilst minimizing unnecessary spends.

Cloud Services Liverpool

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As cloud services have imporved, more and more businesses are moving their legacy systems over to full cloud based solutions. Take for example Email. traditionally this would have been hosted at a customers site, but now many companies are moving to Microsofts Office 365 solutions.

Some companies are migrating entire servers to the cloud using services such as Microsoft Azure or Amazons AWS.


Cyber Security Liverpool

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Cyber security is the buzzword that everyone is talking about, but what does it really mean? 

Cyber Security is a broad term and there are many parts to it. Fundamentaly it starts with people and how they react to things. We run Simulated Phishing tests on our customers and offer Security Awareness Training. We believe that if we can Educate our customers then we are taking away one of the biggest risks to companies. 

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

APOC IT Solutions helped transfer all of our emails across to the new system, spent time explaining everything so I was clear on how it all worked, and even had separate zoom calls with different team members who were struggling to set things up their end

They were patient, professional and on hand whenever we needed them.

Vicki Peers

Inside Liverpool

I was introduced to APOC IT Solutions earlier as a team who would be able to give me IT support in the set up of my business. Their professionalism and approachable manner made them the perfect team to advise me and give me the right guidance and support. I have recommended APOC IT Solutions to others, and I know they equally got great advice and are delighted with the service they provided

Elaine Atherton


APOC IT Solutions completed the migration swiftly and hassle-free, so within 36 hours of our first conversation, the Social Know How team was fully set up on Office365 Professional. Throughly professional and highly recommended.

Helen Ball

Social Know How

I spoke with APOC IT Solutions and explained what we were working with and the problems I was finding. They were able to come up with a much smoother system that synced all the accounts and devices. Within a week, APOC IT Solutions had backed up all of my old emails and migrated them over and  I can now access from all my devices.

I’m not fully sure what they did as this wouldn’t be my area of expertise, but it certainly is theirs, as now my emails work seamlessly between my devices.

Mat Chaloner

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